Enia Lipotech is an international pharmaceutical company registered in Spain, with 100% private equity Headquartered in Madrid, we develop generic products with a focus in Oncology, Blood Plasma and Vaccines. We collaborate with CMOs worldwide (certified by US FDA, UK MHRA, ANVISA, INVIMA, etc) by entering into co-developments and/or licensing-in arrangements to offer our clients the best quality at the best price.

We offer our customers novel products to be FIRST to launch in the MARKET We offer licensing /distribution and supply agreements to companies globally. We research in LIPOSOME TECHNOLOGY and novel drug delivery in order to improve the pharmacokinetics of the medicines and reach the therapeutic targets with higher efficacy.

ENIA LIPOTECH has strong international business relationships in different countries and observes the responsibility of quality assurance to the partners and the customers

ENIA LIPOTECH focuses on the best value for our customers while upholding the highest quality standards Our team consists of highly qualified professionals with knowledge of international regulatory, licensing, business development and other technical expertise, who can handle total regulatory and technical needs

We offer licensing / distribution and supply agreements to companies globally. We believe in growing together and welcome innovative partnership proposals.