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BCG Onco

The preparation is intended for complementary treatment of superficial, epithelial and non-invasive tumours (carcinoma urotheliae T , T , T ). It should not be used in bladder a is 1 invasive cancer, since the chances for therapeutic success are scarce, on the other hand- the appropriate moment to start a different type of treatment might be overlooked. The preparation in 50 mg dose may be used in case of repetitive side effects (dysuria, high body temperature) or acute tuberculin reaction.



We can offer BCG tuberculosis Anti-tuberculosis BCG vaccine is intended for use in immunization vaccinations against tuberculosis. The vaccinations are obligatory in many countries , according to the Immunization Vaccination Program approved annually by the Minister of Health.


Histaglobulin – (Immunoglobulinum humanum normale + Histamini dihydrochloridum)

Medicine intended for immunological treatment of chronic allergic disease. It should not be used for intermediate relieving of symptoms in acute allergic disease conditions. The treatment consists of several injections, repeated when necessary two or more times, in several weeks' time. As a result of such a therapy, patient gains the insensitiveness for histamine, lasting from several months to several years. Histaglobulina is applied in such chronic allergic diseases as: bronchitis, bronchial asthma, allergic rhinitis, and also in allergic skin diseases such as: urticaria, Quincke's oedema (angioedema) and eczema.


GAMMA anty-D 50 - (Immunoglobulinum humanum anti-D)

Product intended for use after spontaneous abortion, artificial abortion or ectopic pregnancy abortion. Product to be applied to Rh negative women without anti-D antibodies in serum. Indications are established based on the following serologic examinations:

  1. Determination of AB0 group and Rh in women.
  2. Searching for anti-D antibodies in woman's serum using papain test and indirect anti-globulin test.

After delivery, during pregnancy or after foetus removal later than in 12 week, in case of imminent immature or premature delivery, after diagnostic amniopuncture later than in 12 week GAMMA anti-D 150 is intended for application.


GAMMA anty-HBs 1000 - (Immunoglobulinum humanum hepatitidis B)

PPassive prophylaxis of type B hepatitis. Product intended for use in:

  1. Adults and children, not vaccinated against type B hepatitis, especially susceptible to hospital HBV infection.
  2. Medical personnel, not vaccinated against type B hepatitis, after exposure to HBV: pricking with needle, cutting, wound impurity or through mucous membranes.
  3. Sexual partners of people suffering from acute type B hepatitis.


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